Zumba Fitness; Lose Weight and Get Fit

So, you may have heard about Zumba or you might be wondering what the heck it is.. Zumba is a giant party for men and women who wish to keep fit.

In class, you spend the entire time dancing and it’s easy to forget that you’re actually working out, burning a crazy amount of calories and blasting fat.

Have you tried Zumba yet? Join the fitness dance party at Fairfield, starting on 8th March 2019 at the Fairfield Community Hall.

What to expect:

I am a salsa dance teacher and danced my entire life and discovered this energetic style of exercise and found it to be an effective way for people to enjoy working out and to see great results whilst having fun with this Latin dance workout!.

The best thing you can do is, pick up the steps where you can, laugh, shake and have fun.

It’s addictive!


There are many health benefits of doing Zumba. It burns many calories, tones the body, works for all ages, reduces stress, tames your body, makes you social, makes you happy, keeps the brain active, and increases self-esteem.

The music is the awesome

The sleekness of salsa, rhythm of reggaeton encourage you to dance. It fills your head completely.

It’s a no-pressure fun thing

This is a no treadmill-crosstrainer routine so it’s not a predictable, and it’s not a dance either so there’s no ONE PERFECT way to do it.

You collect endorphins

Exercising releases endorphins, that happy hormone that creates euphoria and helps you through stress. 


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