Walk into the Community Hall on Friday mornings (9am – 12.30pm) and you will see people of all ages pitting their wits and energies over three table tennis tables.

Table tennis is a great example of an event that started as an idea and is now a successful and permanent part of the Hall calendar.

A documentary on TV about improving your health, inspired a group of residents to start the process of setting up a table tennis group. This is because the findings of the documentary research showed that the social aspect, the hand to eye co-ordination and the rapid rise of the heart-beat, made table tennis the most effective activity for good heart health and the prevention of dementia in the over 50s.

To start the group, the residents contacted one of the trustees of the Community Hall who was very helpful.  Very soon after, two second hand tables were purchased and the hall booked. We now have three, brand new table tennis tables and two sessions set up.

This has led to a vibrant group of people, of all ages, some really good players and others just learning with the support of the rest of the group.

Each session costs just £2.00! It’s all very relaxed.  There’s lots of laughter and you can come for all or part of the session.

Pop in and give it a try.